Accomplishing Mission and Purpose in Life

Sometimes we forget why we should put effort into our life mission and work. Here is a little 'behind the scenes' encouragement of what I do to stay on focus. It may be useful for you as an inspiration.

How to Boost the Effectiveness of EVOO - Olive Oil as Part of Your Mediterranean Lifestyle

The popular Mediterranean Lifestyle boasts of the outstanding health benefits of olives and olive oil, and for a good reason! 

Sadly not all EVOOs (Extra Virgin Olive Oils) are of the same quality, plus to get the maximum benefit from your EVOO you'd have to consume rather a lot. Well, there is a way to boost the super effectiveness of you EVOO intake!
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Brand and Product Love ... Why?

Do you have a passionate love affair with your products? Crazy question, right?

Okay, let's look at that question from a different angle: Do you have a passionate love affair with yourself, big enough to honour yourself with extraordinary self-care to search out what is the best for you, and which products have helped you solve specific problems and needs?  Chances are that there are people out there who like you need a solution for their problems. If you have found that elixir, that magical something, also called a specific product that you know inside and out from own experience, you know for sure that you can honestly offer this help to another human being ... yes??

Why Are Most People Not Successful In Network Marketing?

Why is the failure rate so high in network marketing? Here are some tips to prove Anti-MLMers wrong. You can be a success, if you know how!

Pampering Secrets: Myrrh Essential Oil for Ageless Skin

How can a drop of Myrrh essential oil weave its magic into a revitalising skin care routine? 

Well, the ancients did know about the secret and apparently used it to a full effect. Learn how you can use it and retain your ageless glow!
Ageless, Skin Care, Essential Oils
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