Pampering Secrets: Myrrh Essential Oil for Ageless Skin

Dear Ones,

Maybe you are also fed up with the constant barrage of needing to look like a 20 year old and wrinkle free when we are celebrating our wisdom years. Having said that, there are times when I slacked nourishing my skin and it started to look a bit papery ... if you see what I mean ... I am proudly in my 70's, but that does not mean that my body and skin should lack on good hydration and nourishing ... and pampering, right??!!

I found Myrrh really useful and thought I would share this with my Sisters, you ♥

OK, if just the Christmassy Frankincense and Myrrh comes to mind, it is also wonderfully nourishing as an essential oil.

Myrrh offers a rich, smoky, balsamic aroma that is purifying, restorative, revitalising, and uplifting. 

Myrrh is a yellow, fragrant, sap-like resin that comes out of cuts in the bark of certain Commiphora trees, including the Commiphora myrrham tree.

Myrrh has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine. Ancient Egyptians used myrrh and other essential oils to embalm mummies, as the oils not only provide a nice scent but also slow decay. 

Myrrh essential oil is a key ingredient in many Young Living skin care products and essential oil blends, because it has excellent skin regeneration properties.

Myrrh is a common ingredient in luxury beauty products, especially products that go on the skin. Myrrh essential oil beautifies, cleanses, and moisturises the skin, making it a great addition to your skin care routine. Dilution is not required, except for the most sensitive skin.

When applied topically, myrrh soothes the skin, helping to maintain a youthful glow. Used as part of a daily skincare regime, it can help to fight those fine lines and wrinkles.

Myrrh may improve the appearance of dry skin, and may reduce the appearance of blemishes because it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that hydrate and strengthen your skin while soothing the appearance of aging. It boosts collagen production and helps in fading away all major signs of ageing.

So, you may want to try this: Use ONE drop of Myrrh on your face at night, wait 2 minutes and the apply a tiny bit of BOSWELIA WRINKLE CREAM over your entire face, neck and chest. This moisturiser is 5-star effective and is much sought after by those "in the know". It is very moisturising and you need to use the tiniest 
amounts. If you notice that your face feels slightly 'burned', you were using way too much. You cannot slather on this like ordinary creams! Really, the tiniest amounts. I emphasize!

So, I hope you are inspired with treating your skin so that your radiant self shines forth!


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Here is a side not re Myrrh essential oil in your bottle:

If you have a bottle of Myrrh, you may find that once it is opened and then left sitting in your collection, the resin oil may crystallise, and the bottle cap may get stuck. You can ease it open by inserting a closed bottle into a cup of very hot water (upside down). Once open, wipe the outer rim of the bottle and inner rim of the top with your choice of V6, Animal Scents Ointment, or Rose Ointment.

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