Dear Ones,

I have a thought provoking question for you ...

Should you fall in love with your products and your service, like you fall in love with a lover? 

If this sounds like a crazy question, then I'd like to suggest that you may not have had such a regular close encounter with the right-for-you products you could fall in love with. 

We've all experienced a particular restaurant, movie, book, or whatever that we absolute love, and we could bubble over with excitement to just want to share them with our friends.

Or maybe you have created something that you know makes a total difference to the quality of life for people you love. You just can't wait to share that with them.

On the other hand, you might be like me having worked in a job at a place where I couldn't care less about the products. I remember when I was a student I took all sorts of jobs during my summer vacations. The purpose was just to make money. I hate to admit it, but I cut corners and at times did a sloppy job. My heart just wasn't into it, and I am sure the customers I came across felt it as well.

Then there were the situations when I went into a store looking for a particular product, but wasn't sure which one would suit my needs best. I would find a shop assistant to ask for advice. The number of times it happened to me that said shop assistant picked up a particular product and read out the ingredients. Invariably my reply would be, "Hey, thank you for reading this out, I already read it myself!" Then repeating my question would this product or the other serve my needs better? They did not know. Why should they, they were just employed to do a job placing whatever on a shelf. They were not invested in really knowing the ins and outs of that product, nor having experienced it themselves with a result that it helped them themselves.

On the other hand you find these little artisan boutiques full of items passionately collected and assembled by shop owners that really care about their customers and love their products. You walk into these places and ask them for their advice, and most likely they beckon you to come over to a corner where they have just the right thing you need. They tell you about a situation where that particular product really helped someone. They will tell you, that although every person is different with different specific needs, they should give it a try. They know what the product was made of, they know the integrity of the product, and what's more, it most likely is part of their own daily life.

You can feel their passion, their knowledge, their love for the product and their customer, because ... they are their own customer first. That product has meaning to them in every respect. 

I personally prefer to buy from people who are genuinely on fire for their product. Now, I am not talking about people who have just been psyched up at a seminar and it's all hyped up enthusiasm, but rather people that know their stuff about the products and there is an inner passion that is unmissable as they talk about it. They are deeply inspired, love what they do, stand behind their products, they themselves become the brand. There is often no need to wave the product label as an advertising gig.

When you are such a person who exudes genuine excitement, without having to say much, you may find that you are connecting and attracting the very people who need what you have to offer. You are in love with your products, but even more so, you are in love with your customers, you are in love with human beings who are like you, and you know what has helped you, so that you can offer them help, too. 

When it comes to network marketing I can be quite hard-nosed and not necessarily accept just anyone into my team to become my partner. Whilst my arms are always open to my customers and I will go out of my way to serve them, if someone approaches me to get into my team with the only reason to make a 'quick buck', I will gently and firmly advise them to look elsewhere. Why? because I really do care for my team as well. I will spend untold hours to train and support them so that they can achieve their best and live their dream.

However, for me to invest myself into their life, they need to be serious about getting to know and fall in love with the products first, i.e. use them on a daily basis and create their own personal special experiences with them.

Thus, only choose those products which you can really totally stand behind!

So, ask yourself that question, what do your products genuinely mean to you? Are they just a commodity, a means to an end to become rich quickly? (that usually does not work ... if it is easy, it's most likely sleazy ... and whilst we are at it, no, products don't sell themselves ...) 

What does the company the products are created at mean to you? No, I don't mean a cultish adoration, just do your own level-headed due diligence, check out the integrity of the company and how long they have survived in an often really tough environment. How do you stand behind that company's philosophy  ... and that industry in particular ... network marketing itself? 

Write down your answers.



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