NingXia Red - My Story

My daily activities are now joyfully flowing whilst my overall energy is gently uplifted and feeling great without relying on questionable synthetic booster drinks. 

I finally feel hopeful that I can fulfill my life mission without the past slumps and frustrations.

Nutritional Supplements

So, does it really matter to take dietary supplements if we eat a "balanced diet"?
In a perfect world, food would supply all of the nutrients our body needs to function optimally. Unfortunately, even the most health-conscious of us lack essential nutrients!

Body Movements - Growing Stronger for Longevity

Could health and healthy ageing mean that waking up and doing whatever it is we want that day?

I think this would be true, at least for me!

Well, it wasn't always that way for me. After two heart attacks and a cardiac arrest which resulted me transitioning over beyond the veil into eternity and thus experienced a NDE, I decided that ...

Hormones and Menopause Inspirations

Perimenopause and beyond can be a difficult time ...
but it does not have to be!

Discover how simple, natural lifestyle changes can empower you to make menopause the happiest and healthiest time of your life!

Cooking with Essential Oils

Is it actually OK to use Essential Oils Internally??
 .... such as in cooking, beverages and other food preparations??

The biggest issue with consuming essential oils is quality and purity!
When ingesting essential oils, quality matters. It is vitally important! 
Only use essential oils labelled as dietary supplements.
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