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We're in the business of pleasure, joyful thriving, and feeling good!
Home to assisting You to enrich your life with natural resources for delightful ageless living.
Helping you create unforgettable experiences for the best of the rest of your life.
Wellness in mind,
body and spirit
... and above all joy giving oils-infused moments,
moments that bring us together,
make hearts beat faster,
and live long in the memory

"The Goal in Life is to Die Young as Late as Possible"
~ Marcella Vonn Harting

What's my dream? Making the everyday a little bit more special ... today, tomorrow, always ...
for You and me!

Imagine the magic, the real magic of joining hearts in a joyful age-positive community ... a global village stepping up together having each other's back, dedicated in making our everydays exceptional with extraordinary morsels of kindness, drops of hope and joy ... creating beauty in the small things that add up ...

What if our homes were filled with the goodness of pure nature, a vibrational energy of the fullness of love and joy? 

What if we could pull back from the rat race of doing and achieving,
being soul driven rather than ego driven? 

What if we could allow ourselves playfulness, creativity and fun
no matter what our chronological age says?

What if we could enjoy resources that support us as a whole person that don't cost the earth and are sustainable in every way,
so that future generations can experience extraordinary lives, as well?

Hi! I'm Geli Heimann, BSc (Hons), MSc Psychology. 
           I am no longer interested in trying to create an empire and impress anyone.
The time has come to just be authentically me and fully enjoy the best years for the rest of my life, whilst also having fun still generating multiple streams of income.

I decided that I would bring sunshine, light, hope, healing and joy ... mixed with playfulness and pleasure.
Life is too fascinating for me to retire in the traditional way (I'm in my 70's), however I do appreciate being able to shift gears and now fully and unapologetically create the life that I desire ... and loving it!

                what about you?
... how can I bring that sunshine into your life?

Bright blessings,


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           Imagine ... creating parcels of joy, with a distinctive aroma that allure all the senses into peaceful calm or invigorating states ...

Imagine creating gifts with easy to craft attractive wrappings as a thoughtful present for someone special ....

Maybe that someone special is YOU, a delightful way for self pampering, or creating a tranquil sanctuary in your home ...

Maybe you or someone close to you would appreciate feeling youthful in your body temple ...

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The Latest Thoughts, Musings & Tips:  

INFO: NingXia Red

My daily activities are now joyfully flowing whilst my overall energy is gently uplifted and feeling great without relying on questionable synthetic booster drinks. 

I finally feel hopeful that I can fulfill my life mission without the past slumps and frustrations.

INFO: Nutritional Supplements

So, does it really matter to take dietary supplements if we eat a "balanced diet"?
In a perfect world, food would supply all of the nutrients our body needs to function optimally. Unfortunately, even the most health-conscious of us lack essential nutrients!

INFO: Moving & Growing Stronger for Longevity

Could health and healthy ageing mean that waking up and doing whatever it is we want that day?

I think this would be true, at least for me!

Well, it wasn't always that way for me. After two heart attacks and a cardiac arrest which resulted me transitioning over beyond the veil into eternity and thus experienced a NDE, I decided that ...


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