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It's all about flourishing longevity rather than an anti-ageing path to enhanced feel-good & self-care, to lift your spirit 
 consciousness-development and the unfolding of your inner greater potential with Essential Oils in your wisdom years.

Please note: Whilst Angelika (Geli's) approach is inclusive of all individuals, regardless of their background, gender, and age, bringing their whole selves (and all their identities), she is particularly interested in helping her older Sisters, the Elders and Wise-Women 'Crones', in all matters Mental Wellness and Brain Health! 
Cognitive health is increasingly recognised as a key component of overall health and wellness.
In addition, older wellness professional women tend to be more affected by global economic happenings.

Calling You to enjoy the 

In the animal world, like with elephants, the oldest female is revered. She has seen things, been there, and has the experience to guide the younger ones. I believe we are torch bearers to offer hope to generations to come. 

However, if you are an adventurous 'Silver' seeking transformational, bold, exciting escapades that make you feel a better version of yourself, you may find that you are not entirely catered to in the current wellness world. The experiences that you may be seeking out might be completely different from the generation setting the trend.

Whilst this website and Angelika (Geli) Heimann won't be offering you those adventures, we will however endeavor to show you how you can support your body mind and emotions by mastering your pursuit, staying in the inner game, and flourish with functional wellness solutions, vibrational energy psychology, and especially assisting you with the power of essential oils, as well as essential oils infused synergistic nutritional supplements, and toxic chemicals reduced environmental friendly ways to create a healthy home sanctuary where your life unfolds in the best possible way with  family, friends, and memories.

            On the other hand, if you are a 'Silver' professional, or serving the 55+ 'Third-Age' world ... if you are a 'New-Retirement' Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Coach & Post-Career Mentor, Later-Life Consultant, Therapist, Self-employed Transformational Leader, Trainer, Energy Healer, Conscious Expert, Spiritual Teacher, Change-Agent, Fitness Enthusiast, Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation Expert, Craniosacral, Reiki Practitioners, Massage Therapist, and/or similar you may find the addition of working with therapeutic grade essential oils very useful for your business, especially if you add the "Raindrop Technique®" to your practice.

     ...  and anyone else in their 'Wisdom-Years' looking for a new opportunity to develop their  highest level of the *MAGNIFICENT YOU* in their personal growth, as well as the opportunity to create Multiple-Streams of Income to supplement their New-Retirement lifestyle in health, wellness, and purpose, this is your place here to explore.

 Hi! I'm Angelika (Geli) Heimann,
                   BSc (Hons), MSc Psych
My background is science, and psychology - although not traditional clinical psychology. I work with people in private practice, combining ancient Eastern and cutting edge Western modalities.

For 14 years I have successfully added the Young Living essential oils to my practice to support my clients on their path to their own best wellbeing.

To find out more about me and how I work FIND OUT HERE

If you choose to work with me to help you through certain issues, including trauma, complex PTSD, and healing sexual trauma, CHECK IT OUT HERE

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Accomplishing Mission and Purpose in Life

Sometimes we forget why we should put effort into our life mission and work. Here is a little 'behind the scenes' encouragement of what I do to stay on focus. It may be useful for you as an inspiration.

How to Boost the Effectiveness of EVOO - Olive Oil as Part of Your Mediterranean Lifestyle

The popular Mediterranean Lifestyle boasts of the outstanding health benefits of olives and olive oil, and for a good reason! 

Sadly not all EVOOs (Extra Virgin Olive Oils) are of the same quality, plus to get the maximum benefit from your EVOO you'd have to consume rather a lot. Well, there is a way to boost the super effectiveness of you EVOO intake!
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Brand and Product Love ... Why?

Do you have a passionate love affair with your products? Crazy question, right?

Okay, let's look at that question from a different angle: Do you have a passionate love affair with yourself, big enough to honour yourself with extraordinary self-care to search out what is the best for you, and which products have helped you solve specific problems and needs?  Chances are that there are people out there who like you need a solution for their problems. If you have found that elixir, that magical something, also called a specific product that you know inside and out from own experience, you know for sure that you can honestly offer this help to another human being ... yes??

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