Why is the failure rate so high in network marketing?

Dear Ones, 

If you have ever wondered why there is such a small percentage of people in network marketing that make it big, allow me to give you some important thoughts on that subject. 

For starters, many are 'recruited' with dishonest ways often promising very unrealistic expectations and hopes, meaning that they might earn big money and achieve great success in a very short time without having to invest much of themselves, such as their own time and energy. That sadly has given this industry a negative reputation.

But it is with anything in life worth pursuing, it means hard work, discipline, and frequently sacrifices. However, if the endeavor is aligned with your purpose in life, the products integrate well to serve not only you, your loved ones, but also others as a solution to life situation that helped you, then the hard work and sacrifices are not ardours but a joy!  Any quick and easy success expectations are not realistic. 

You can only get significant long-term results when you are willing to really invest in people, when you are willing to deeply invest yourself into your dream and what you just must do to achieve that. 

For that to happen, you are required to fully engage, not just with your brain but also with your heart; above all fully invest in your fellow human beings called to walk along side you, and you alongside them!

The next important point is, how willing are you to be teachable and coachable to become successful in network marketing?

If you are used to working in a job or a corporate business, you actually need to learn some completely new principles in terms of how to become successful collaborating with other people. That necessitates a fresh passion and willingness to study updated network marketing ways that work now in the 21.Century, rather than outdated MLM practices , and not be dissuaded by whatever previous experiences you might have had (own or hear-say from others). 
Especially the willingness to invest in other people on a different level than the typical people management in jobs, business or company leadership. 

There are definite differences to leadership behaviour in usual business to heart engaged team building in network marketing!

For example, the willingness and readiness to invest in your team members without the fear that someone might steal your success ideas; without the fear that a team member could become more successful than yourself and potentially out-rank you; without the niggling thought that one day they might earn more money than yourself. 

These are some very elementary differences between typical company management behaviour and network marketing. Thus, if you come with this kind of fear and scarcity driven notion, as just mentioned, you won't be able to enjoy success long-term.

You won't find these points in typical business text books full of competitive strategies (ask me, I know, I have a Masters degree in Business Psychology ...), but from heartfelt experiences of those who worked in the trenches of network marketing and became successful.

The question is, are you willing to completely start afresh and relearn, even in this aspect? What values are you willing to gift other people and serve them that way? Are you genuinely willing to invest yourself in this particular mission to help others become their own very best and help them develop their dreams?

And there is a third point. Many people tackle their network marketing business without much passion and excitement. They just want to make money and preferably as fast as possible. In principle, there is nothing wrong with that. However, when you combine the desire to make money with the genuine readiness and passion to invest yourself into other human beings and THEIR success, their dreams, inspired and driven from within, your spirit rather than ego, then you have fulfilled a most important prerequisite to become successful in their network marketing business 
                          ... and conversely, not following these aspects mentioned above, is a main reason why so many people fail in this particular industry, if they don't view this work with passion, and just a means to an end to make money.

Here is a final question I have for you, do you enjoy working with someone who uses you as their means to and end for their success, or would you much rather work with someone who is guided by an inner passion to help you develop into your own best version of yourself, brings out your potential and guides you to become the success you are dreaming about, and supports you to become a genuine partner collaborating with you?



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