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Holistic Lifestyle Self-Care for the 50+ Post-Menopausal Woman in Her Wisdom Years
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Enchanting * Whimsical * Dreamy * Nurturing * Healing * Uplifting * Mystical
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~ Access the Present Moment and Connect with Your Inner Power and Freedom ~

Discover the wonderful world of the purest essential oils, their sacred and magical way to bring joy and uplifting qualities into your life.
Be inspired to become a Flourish Artisan. 


Exceptional Wellbeing
Mental Wellness

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a safe and supportive environment for individuals seeking inner peace, and emotional harmony

  At The Essential Flourishing Center, we are committed to inspiring you to reach 
optimal wellbeing and vitality by expanding your experience of self-love, assisting you in connecting with your true self,
     believing in yourself, envision positive psychological and social functioning,
        live an extraordinary life, whilst making a difference for others, and leaving a legacy.

We practice a holistic model of integrative and somatic wellness with functional wellbeing arts, such as the use of pure therapeutic grade essential oils*, natural supplements*, and vibrational energy psychology. 

        We integrate ancient natural wisdom holistically with the *Young Living® Essential Oils proprietary and modern cutting-edge innovative science. 

        We partner with Young Living® and its pioneering, industry leading standards to retain the highest level unadulterated plant power in all of their therapeutic essential oils and essential oils infused all-natural mental wellbeing and overall whole person wellness products. 

   Whilst every person is individually different and has different needs and  experiences on their unique flourishing path, over 30 years of excellence have resulted in showing that the Young Living
® products support vigor, happiness, stress resilience, mental performance, and whole-body wellness for a healthier and happier everyday.

   We believe that you were born to experience a joy-full life without the effects of a wounded past, to empower you to cultivate strengths, subjective wellbeing, goodness, generativity, growth, and resilience. 

   In our holistic psychology based work with clients, we integrate the Young Living® products to boost the results. 

We do not claim to be healers or medical professionals, as every person is naturally endowed with everything they need within themselves to feel better. We just simply assist and support in the client's own process.

   We aim to provide an inclusive compassionate safe space for our customers, clients and business partners that offers positive whole-person centred, not problem-centred wellness. 


Don't know where to start?
Here's a perfect way for getting started in the world of essential oils and natural supplements!

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Feelings Kit

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Create Your Marvellous Everyday Today!

Mindful of Magical Moments
The Essence of Conscious Living & Flourishing Naturally

... and here are some tools that have helped many of my clients and business partners over the last decades
to bring joy, wellness and wellbeing into their lives
and now, just for you


Transformational tools for your personal growth and healing

Explore Crystals, Oils & Decrees, and Conscious Language together with other holistic modalities. It's about starting with the INSIDE and rebuilding ourselves, awakening ourselves and restructuring ourselves the way that we were designed

As a therapist, you want to create additional streams of revenue, expand the value you bring by integrating therapeutic grade essential oils to your offerings.

Partner with Angelika and be part of the Flourish Artisans Professional Community, whilst you stay connected to your unique creativity, skills, and calling.

Raindrop Technique® is a healing arts technique using pure essential oils. Combining skilled energy touch therapy with aromatherapy oils and moist heat to bring total balance, harmony body wellness, mentally, physically and emotionally. 

Techniques are used throughout this therapeutic session to release toxins and lymph, boosting the immune system and bringing the body back to natural alignment. 

Your Essential Flourishing Journey starts here:

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"Doing what you like
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       Liking what you do
                    is happiness. 
Success comes when you
            do what you love!" 

Hi! I'm Geli, aka Angelika.
Born into a scientist home (mother clinical pharmacist, father professor in plant diseases), and then doing two science degrees in psychology myself, I have always been fascinated by the  complimentary healing arts.

Not only did I watch my mother collect specific herbs and create medicinal tinctures and pills, long before the pharmaceutical industry made their presents known in my childhood home, I have also been shown that my maternal lineage were both innovative pharmacists and chemists, as well as master perfumers, maîtres parfumeurs, thus essential oils have been in my DNA for a very long time.
During my university degree, I also studies the psychological benefits of the essential oils properties. 

In 2010 I came across the Young Living essential oils, and fell in love with the outstanding unadulterated purity and the high levels of energy frequencies. Ever since then, I have successfully integrated the pure therapeutic essential oils by Young Living into my own  psychological private praxis. 

There is no doubt about it, I am passionate about the various oils and specific blends and how they support the wellness path of clients from trauma, complex PTSD surviving to thriving and flourishing.

Even on a day-to-day basis of emotional feel-good and uplifting balanced living, the Young Living essential oils are always my companions in my pocket or bag.

  Together, Dreams Come True!


Be the legacy torchbearer carrying
YOUR Light of hope 
in times of darkness,
igniting the fire within others and inspiring positive change!


  > 50
     .... More than 50+?

You are not at the mercy of a ticking clock.
You have many years to
fulfill your dreams - all of them!

know your value!

Step into your power in Life's second half
Success and happiness have no expiration date
Leave the world a little better than you found it!

We founded the
    'The New-Retirement' Lifestyle Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Post-Career Mentors, Later-Life Consultants, Therapists, Self-employed Transformational Leaders, Trainers, Healers, Conscious Experts, Spiritual Teachers, Change-Agents,

     and anyone else in their 'Wisdom-Years' looking for a new opportunity to develop their  highest level of the *MAGNIFICENT YOU* in their personal growth,

as well as the opportunity to create Multiple-Streams of Income to supplement their New-Retirement lifestyle in health, wellness, and purpose.

Every one of you is an Artisan with a very precious gift.
Let us shine and flourish together to make a shift, and be the change, in our world!

“Together, we all play a role in being change agents to make our world better.”

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