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                      Dear Reader, before I continue writing about this Home Business, Multiple Streams of Income opportunity, allow me to make sure that you know that I am talking about a very specific company, Young Living Essential Oils.

Throughout this website this is pretty clear that I am a brand partner with Young Living, and I have used Young Living products since 2010.

Essential oils have been my focus well over ten years prior to finding YL (Young Living). Both with learning aromatherapy in courses, as well as studying the therapeutic uses at university during my degree in psychology. When I came across the YL essential oils, it became clear to me that the YL oils are far superior to any other oil I had experienced and worked with.

In the first ten years of my using the YL essential oils, both for myself, friends and family, and also with my clients in private psychology therapy practice, I had no interest in the network marketing business side of YL.

Since then I have learnt about the company, what they stand for and that I can trust the 'Seed to Seal' guarantee. 

Whilst this page is all about generating an additional income stream, and certainly it's of paramount importance to me that I help others build their own dream of financial freedom, I wish to make it really clear that this opportunity is NOT about making money fast and easy! It is a real business that requires dedicated hard work, often sacrifices in terms of time, energy and finances like any entrepreneurial business. However, all the hard work is certainly worth it! 

This is for people who are passionate about an opportunity to bring complimentary healing arts in form of 100% natural products to those who need it and desire it.

In fact, if it is your intention to join the YL network marketing business purely for creating a big income without using the products and helping others with the benefits of the products, please stop reading and find a different company!

Whilst YL offers a superior compensation plan with an unlimited income potential, it is first and foremost a product driven company with a passion for people and their wellbeing!

Whilst I will do everything in my power to help, train, support my partners to reach their goals in their own YL business, I may not accept someone into my business team if they are not willing to use the products on a daily basis themselves, if they are not willing to thoroughly learn how to apply the wellness benefits of the products and how they can help other people.

This world does not need more sales people, but those who with love and compassion are willing to serve others to heal and flourish!

Learning Digital Success Strategies, Personal Branding esp. Social Media Marketing
to Create a Profitable Online Business

Online Marketing is “a strategy that entails using digital channels to reach your audience. In comparison to traditional marketing, this method is more cost-effective and has better chances of increasing brand awareness through personalized messages.” ~MooSend

There is a way to optimise your digital efforts on 
social media platforms such as:
Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, YouTube, LinkedIn, Reddit, TikTok…

Today, the internet is used for pretty much everything—communication, learning, entertainment, shopping, and more.

Plus, there are currently 4.33 billion internet users worldwide—and this number is increasing every second.
For marketers, this presents an unbelievable opportunity. Never before could a single person reach so many other people, in so many ways, instantaneously, with such ease.

Social Media Marketing is the process of acquiring attention and sales through the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Social media marketing can be split into two camps: organic (free) or paid. 

Many people are excited to load their new passion for their online business onto e.g. Facebook, only to find out that they are at loggerheads with the algorithm. Either their posts are not read by the thousands, because the algorithm silently blocked them, or they wind up in 'Facebook Jail' and have no idea why.

However, there is a way to outsmart the algorithm and Facebook to actually promote your posts without you having to pay for any ads! The good thing is, you are not alone to figure out how to do this. We're here to help!