Could Health and Healthy Ageing Mean Waking Up and Doing Whatever it is We Want that Day?

I think this would be true, at least for me!

Well, it wasn't always that way for me. After two heart attacks and a cardiac arrest which resulted me transitioning over beyond the veil into eternity and thus experienced a NDE, I decided that it was important for me to shift gears and learn to look after myself better.

It's funny how we humans seemingly need to get served a deadly blow in order to change our trajectory in life. I sincerely hope that you are smarter than me!

I heard it said, " You have to move, or you won't!" In my case that was very true ... at least for a while. I have a tendency to be stuck in front of the computer or with a book in front of my nose (not much of a TV watcher at all).

I am happy to say that my two little dogs give me the motivation to walk!

Science and research has shown that physical exercise improves all the hallmarks and root causes of ageing. There is a whole list of benefits for the body, mental health, cognitive function, neuroplasticity, etc.

Let me make one thing absolutely clear: I am not a doctor! Please read my DISCLAIMER Here

Combined with the right food, conscious lifestyle eating, movement is the most powerful tool for staying healthy and extending our life. Exercise is the key to unlocking the body's regenerative and reparative systems, it even supports a healthy and diverse microbiome, balances hormones, etc.

I personally don't like the gym or traditional exercises, but I love to play. As I mentioned above, it is fun taking the doggies for a walk and play with them, doing some chair yoga stretches and learning Chi (Qi) Gong.

... and would you believe it, there are some cool essential oils that can support you in that endeavour!

Bright blessings,


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